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About Me


Handcrafted Jewelry Designer 

Hi! My name is Krystal, the maker behind Silver Borders. One day back in 2017, my husband purchased me a Silversmithing class and my world was forever changed. After one lesson, I was hooked - Silver Borders had become my passion.

I spent every available moment researching techniques, scouring local markets for supplies, and collecting natural gemstones to turn into eye-catching works of art. My home studio eventually overflowed with sterling silver jewelry pieces I had created. 

Fast forward five years and here I am - an enthusiastic Silversmith, artistically creating jewelry to share with the world! Each piece is deeply meaningful to me as it reminds me of my incredible journey from career service advisor to Silversmith extraordinaire.

I can take a simple sheet of metal and turn it into something beautiful. With every piece I craft, I feel like there is magic inside me that I want to share with you. I begin each new project by carefully cutting out shapes from the flat sheets of silver using my jewelry saw. Then, taking my time to make sure everything fit together perfectly, I will file down all of the rough edges before soldering them together and hammering out any imperfections. I really enjoy this part especially; watching as the pieces slowly took shape in front of me until they are ready for polishing - which is always a special moment for me as this was when all of my hard work paid off and what used to be just pieces of metal suddenly became exquisite works of art! 

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