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Spiny Oyster Turquoise Bracelet

Spiny Oyster Turquoise Bracelet


Item Description


Spiny Oyster Turquoise Gemstone

.925 Sterling Silver

Wrist measurements fits 7" to 8" wrist

Setting measures 1" Long x 1/2" Wide

Maker’s Mark for Authenticity


Spiny oyster Turquoise is a vibrant and desirable gemstone that is known for its exceptional properties. The stunning combination of spiny oyster shell and naturally occurring turquoise creates a magnificent gemstone that embodies both the robustness of the oyster shell, and the gentle hues of the turquoise. This gemstone is known to bring good luck and abundance to its wearer. It is believed that spiny oyster Turquoise also has powerful healing properties and can aid in the treatment of various ailments. In addition, this gemstone is known for its ability to promote spiritual growth and insight. It is said that it can enhance communication and creativity, while also promoting emotional stability and inner peace. Overall, spiny oyster Turquoise is an exceptional gemstone that is not only beautiful, but also has many unique properties that make it a highly sought after stone among gemstone enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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