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Rainbow Fluorite - Light of Nature Sunburst Pendant

Rainbow Fluorite - Light of Nature Sunburst Pendant

SKU: SC10-10

Rainbow Fluorite - Light of Nature Sunburst Pendant 


Welcome to the Awaiting the Sunshine Collection, a unique collection that serves as a reminder that if we remain hopeful even through difficult times, ultimately our prayers will be answered - just like waiting for the sun to shine after a long spell of rain! I present you with the Light of Nature Sunburst Pendant, held on an 18" Sterling Silver chain adjustable to 16", it's sure to make an impact. Hand cut and textured from recycled .925 Sterling Silver into a half-moon shape, this pendant is 1.5" wide and .75" long making it perfect for any wardrobe - simple, stylish and light-weight yet still eye-catching. With its antique Patina finish this pendant also has maker's marks for added authenticity. Show off your style with this charming addition from our Awaiting the Sunshine Collection, designed to bring light and love into your life every day.


.925 Sterling Silver
Rainbow Fluorite Gemstone (12mm x 17mm Oval)
Hand-cut/Textured Pendant

18" Straight Bar/Link Sterling Silver Chain (Adjustable to 16")

1.5" wide x .75" long - Halfmoon shape
Antique Patina Finish
Handmade in personal Studio
Stamped with makers mark for authenticity


Rainbow Fluorite is a natural gemstone that is known for its unique, eye-catching appearance. Featuring an array of colors including light greens, lavender purples, blues, and even pinks, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to this beautiful stone. In addition to its striking appearance, Rainbow Fluorite also has many meanings and properties attributed to it. This gemstone is believed to be incredibly helpful for those seeking clarity in their lives and minds; it helps to clear away confusion and old patterns of thought allowing for greater focus and clarity of mind. Its energy can also help one stay more organized in their daily life by helping them identify the steps necessary to accomplish goals. On a spiritual level, Rainbow Fluorite is thought to bring balance between one’s physical body and their spiritual being. It is said that this stone helps us open ourselves up to higher states of consciousness while providing protection from outside influences. Because of these qualities, Rainbow Fluorite is often used as an aid in meditation or other spiritual practices.

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