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Purple Ruby Ring - GR192

Purple Ruby Ring - GR192

SKU: GR192

Item Description


Purple Ruby Gemstone

Ring Size 7.5 - NOT Resizable

.925 Sterling Silver

Setting measures 16mm long by 16mm wide

Quad Half Round Textured Ring Shank - 16mm widest point of band

Stamped with maker mark for authenticity


The Purple Ruby Gemstone, also known as "star" or asteriated ruby, is a rare and fascinating gemstone that exhibits a striking optical effect. This effect is caused by tiny needle-like inclusions that intersect within the crystal and reflect light, creating a six-pointed star pattern. The most sought-after type of Purple Ruby is the corundum variety, which is a mineral form of aluminum oxide that also forms sapphires.


Purple Rubies are found in several locations worldwide, including Madagascar, Burma, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. These gemstones come in a range of hues, from pale violet to deep purple, with the most valuable being those with a vivid and uniform color. The size of the Purple Ruby also affects its value, with larger specimens being rarer and thus more expensive.


In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Purple Ruby is believed to possess some healing properties. It is said to boost the immune system, improve energy levels, and alleviate stress and anxiety. Some people also believe that it has a positive effect on the heart chakra, promotes love and romance, and enhances intuition and psychic abilities.



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