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Patagonia, AZ Turquoise Pendant - GP268

Patagonia, AZ Turquoise Pendant - GP268

SKU: GP268

Item Information


Patagonia AZ Turquoise Gemstone 

.925 Sterling Silver

 Setting Measures  2 3/4" L x 1 1/4" W

24" Sterling Silver Handmade Chain

Stamped with Makers Mark for Authenticity

Handmade in personal studio


The Patagonia, AZ Turquoise gemstone, extracted from the venerable Copper Queen Mine, is a treasure of the American Southwest, distinguished by its dazzling spectrum of sky-blue to greenish-blue colors. What sets this variety apart is not only the captivating matrix of black, brown, or golden pyrite that each stone proudly bears but also its remarkable hardness on the Mohs scale, ranging between 5 and 6. This durability makes it an excellent choice for both jewelry connoisseurs and those seeking a gemstone for everyday wear.


With its supply constrained to the Copper Queen Mine in Patagonia, Arizona, the Patagonia, AZ Turquoise's rarity underpins its exclusivity and heightened value among gem enthusiasts. Beyond its physical allure, this gemstone is imbued with profound spiritual meaning. It is venerated for its ability to foster wisdom, provide protection, and attract good fortune, melding its aesthetic appeal with deep spiritual significance.


Historically and culturally, the Patagonia, AZ Turquoise has been a symbol of the rich heritage of the American Southwest for over a thousand years. Esteemed by indigenous tribes such as the Navajo, Zuni, and Pueblo people, turquoise has been integral to ceremonial attire, jewelry, and spiritual activities, where its vibrant hues are celebrated as emblems of life and sustenance—drawing parallels to the vital elements of sky and water in the desert’s sparse environment. The enduring fascination and value found in Patagonia, AZ Turquoise not only celebrate its beauty but also honor its status as a cultural icon, melding the past with the present in the artful craftsmanship of Southwestern jewelry and ornamental pieces.

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