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Moss Kyanite Ring - GR154

Moss Kyanite Ring - GR154

SKU: GR154

This Moss Kyanite ring is set in a beautiful .925 sterling silver setting, with a split shank half-round band for added detail. The 8mm rosecut round stone is the focal point of this statement piece, with a 12mm wide setting that really makes it stand out. Each ring is handmade in my personal studio and stamped with my maker's mark for authenticity. With a ring size of 8, this Moss Kyanite ring is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection for those who appreciate handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces.


Item Description


Moss Kyanite Rosecut Round 8MM

.925 Sterling Silver

Ring Size 8

6 GA Split Shank Half-Round Band

12mm wide setting

Stamped with makers mark for authenticity

Handmade in personal studio


This stone is called Moss Kyanite because, yes you guessed it, hence the name. It is because it contains moss within the stone giving it different shades of blue and green in color. During the formation of the Kyanite gemstone, moss was entrapped within the stone.

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