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Labradorite Pendant - GP253

Labradorite Pendant - GP253

SKU: GP253

Item Description


Labradorite Gemstone

.925 Sterling Silver

Makers Mark for Authenticity

20" Sterling Oval Chain

Setting measures 1.75" Round

Handmade in personal studio

Pendant weight 37 grams

Textured Silk Pattern on Back

Makers Mark for Authenticity


Labradorite gemstone is a stunning mineral that belongs to the feldspar group. It is famous for its iridescent color range, which sparkles and changes when hit by light, ranging from blue, green, yellow, and orange. Labradorite gemstone is highly prized globally for its remarkable healing properties. It is believed to be a stone of transformation and protection. According to ancient folklore, labradorite gemstone assists in awakening one's psychic abilities and intuition. Labradorite is also known to help in balancing the energy within the chakras in the body. It assists in promoting a sense of calmness and tranquility, eliminating negative energies and negative patterns. Labradorite gemstone is an excellent tool for those who seek to explore their spiritual and mystical self. Its unique physical properties make it highly valued by not only the jewelry market but also in the world of energy work and healing. Labradorite is not only a highly attractive gemstone but also a powerful tool for those looking for emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

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