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Key to my Heart Pendant - Key

Key to my Heart Pendant



Item Detail


.925 Sterling Silver

Rhodoschrosite Gemstone

Gemstone Setting measures .75" long / .75" wide

Key measures 3.5" long and 1.25" wide

Handstamped saying on left side "Key to my Heart"

Stamped with makers mark for authenticity.

21" Sterling Silver Oval Chain (ADJ 19")


Rhodochrosite Gemstones are a beautiful and unique pink mineral that can be found in many locations around the world. They are particularly abundant in South African, Argentina, Peru and Colorado in the United States. The name rhodochrosite is derived from the Greek words “rhodon” meaning rose, and “khros” meaning color, which perfectly describes its stunning pale to strong pink hue. It is also often striped with white or gray veins throughout the stone giving it extra character and unique appeal.

Rhodochrosite gemstones have many spiritual properties associated with them, such as being an energy booster, offering emotional healing and enhancing creativity. Its soft energy soothes worries and helps bring positive vibes into one's life. Rhodochrosite is also said to remove self-limiting beliefs, amplify self-love, reduce anxiety and anger while attracting love. When worn close to the heart it amplifies feelings of compassion towards oneself and others.

Healing wise Rhodochrosite works at all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual – by clearing blocked energies within the body helping it to heal itself naturally. Physically Rhodochrosite helps regulate blood pressure, strengthen bones, improve vision and treat migraines effectively. Emotionally Rhodochrosite works to encourage acceptance of oneself and others while stimulating a positive attitude towards any difficulties faced in life that may cause depression or sadness. On a spiritual level Rhodochrosite encourages soul searching for personal growth; this helps strengthen confidence levels within an individual allowing them to unlock their true potentials.

Rhodochrosite gemstones are a rare find but make for excellent silversmithing material due its vibrant coloration combined with its healing attributes making it ideal jewelry components that can be used on rings necklaces or bracelets as well as earrings—allowing its wearer access to these special properties no matter where they go!

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