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Crescent Lake Turquoise Ring - GR177

Crescent Lake Turquoise Ring - GR177

SKU: GR177

Crescent Lake Turquoise Gemstone

Ring Size 12 (not adjustable)

Gemstone setting measures 22mm L x 17mm W

Ring Band (14mm widest point)

.925 Sterling Silver

Stamped with makers mark for authenticity


Crescent Lake Turquoise is a particular type of turquoise that is highly prized due to its unique, stunning blue and green coloration. It is named after the Crescent Lake mine, which is located in the state of Nevada. Mined in small quantities, this rare form of turquoise is highly sought-after. What sets Crescent Lake Turquoise apart from other types of turquoise is its distinctive, spiderweb-like matrix pattern, which is created by veins of black chert material that run through it. This added depth and texture to the stone only enhances its beauty and value. For hundreds of years, turquoise has been known for its association with ancient traditions and beliefs, particularly among Native American cultures, where it is often used as a spiritual and sacred stone. 

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