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Boulder Opal Ring - GR186

Boulder Opal Ring - GR186

SKU: GR186

Boulder Opal Gemstone

.925 Sterling Silver

Ring Size 9

Setting measures 17mm Round

Quad flatten half round ring band shank - 17mm widest width

Stamped with makers mark for authenticity

Handmade in personal studio


Boulder Opal, also known as the "Queen of Gems," is a mesmerizing gemstone found exclusively in the opal mines of Queensland, Australia. This rare gem is hailed for its iridescent colors that capture the essence of both earth and water, making it a true natural artistry of the universe. Its unique composition features a base of ironstone with veins of opal throughout, creating breathtaking patterns of colors that appear to move and change as light reflects off its surface. Not only is Boulder Opal a visual feast, but it's also known for its metaphysical properties such as bringing emotional balance and enhancing creativity. Owning a Boulder Opal is like having a piece of the universe within your grasp, holding centuries of natural history and beauty in the palm of your hand. It's no wonder that this gemstone is sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike, as it's truly a one-of-a-kind treasure that takes millions of years to create.

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