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Upcoming Show
Best of the NW Spring Show

April 15 & 16th (10am to 5pm) Magnuson Hangar 30, Seattle, WA

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Silversmith, Krystal Munday

Luminescence Ring

Awaiting  the Sunshine Collection

Available Now - Click Here to Shop Collection


Silver Borders mission is to create high-quality sterling silver jewelry with intention, kindness, creativity and beauty. To inspire moments of happiness and to enlighten lives thru embellishments.

Key to my Heart Pendant_edited.jpg
Key to my Heart Pendant
Key to my Heart - Progress Photo
Key to my Heart Pendant
Key to my Heart Pendant
Key to my Heart Pendant
Key to my Heart Pendant
Key to my Heart Pendant
Key to my Heart Pendant
Key to my Heart Pendant
Key to my Heart Pendant

Key to my Heart Pendant

Each month I am excited to release a one-of-a-kind key on the topic of my choice. This key is designed with intricate detail and care, making it a truly special work of art. This key design will only be released once but there will be a different key design available every month on a particular day.


To ensure that everyone has an equal chance at purchasing the key, I will send out emails to all my subscribers one week before the release date, so they are aware of this upcoming event. Those who are email members of my website will get the added benefit of being able to shop for these keys earlier than the general public. By becoming a email member, you'll join an exclusive group of individuals who have access to unique content from me.


Simply click here to become an email member and start receiving notifications about these monthly releases. As soon as you sign up, you'll receive information about upcoming events and gain priority access to these special products before anyone else can purchase them! Being part of my email community also comes with other exciting benefits such as discounts on future purchases, exclusive products not available anywhere else, and more. It's my way of showing appreciation for your continued support in helping me create one-of-a-kind works of art that are sure to bring joy into your life!

Build your own gemstone ring


You asked and I listened. The opportunity has arrived to build your own gemstone ring.  One of my favorite things to

create is rings.  It is actually the first piece of jewelry I created on my silversmith journey.  Click here and find your special band, gemstone and setting.  I will create it in your desired size.


Silver Borders has been something I've worked hard to create and nurture. Every week, I invite you to take a glimpse into my thoughts behind the art form and get to know me better. From the tools I use, to the gemstones I pick — Silver Borders exists because of my passion for silversmithing and all that comes with it. Hopefully by sharing my stories, it will help bring Silver Borders closer to you in an even more meaningful way.


Best Seller

The Fern Ring

Let your taste in jewelry reflect the gorgeous, feminine energy of Mother Nature with my Fern Ring! Inspired by Washington's Pacific Northwest Lady Fern and handmade right here in Everett, this one-of-a-kind piece is perfect for those wishing to remain grounded amidst life’s energies. And if you're looking for an extra special gift that conveys confidence and protection - nothing says “I admire YOU" like a beautiful fern ring from my website (Made To Order). Get yours today so you can get ready to rock both style AND sincerity!

If you would like to checkout how this beauty is created

Click here for my You Tube Channel. 

Now Available

Blue Lave Agate - Light of Nature - Mini Sunburst Dangles
Sunburst Pendants
Light of Nature - Sunburst Pendants
Amazonite - Light of Nature - Sunburst Dangles
The Luminescence Adjustable Ring
Yellow Agate - Light of Nature - Sunburst Pendant
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