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"So excited about this beautiful pendant from @credoglass and @silverborders"



"A few weeks ago I purchased the yellow glass ring shown on my ring finger. After receiving this ring, and admiring the detail silver-work in person, I immediately wanted to own more jewelry by Krystal. I've had a Sunstone cab in my collection for years, and always dreamed of turning in into a ring. I asked Krystal to make it into a custom ring for me, and she absolutely NAILED IT! My Sunstone is now polished, set in a stunning bezel setting, and is wearable with a split-shank band."



"Over the moon excited about these earrings my husband ordered from me from Silver Borders!! Skillfully cut and handcrafted by artist Krystal Munday.  The detailing on both sides of each feather is exquisite! I know I will be wearing these sterling silver beauties every chance I get."

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