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Beyond Borders Collection Artist Reception
Bluewater Organic Distilling - Everett, WA
May 29, 2024 6pm to 8:30pm
*Must Purchase Ticket for Entry - Click Here to Purchase


Beyond Borders Collection
Releasing May 31, 2024 at 6pm

True to the spirit of Beyond Borders, each piece is hand-forged, celebrating every link and detail. The process is a labor of love and precision, ensuring harmony between form and function. The Pathways spinning rings that calm the restless, compass studs that guide the adventure-seeker, and the Horizon Earrings that call to the wild-hearted.

The craftsmanship of each item like the Beyond Borders Handmade Chain, from creation to the final polish, involves weaving integrity, strength, and  individuality into the sterling silver itself. Inspired with the storytelling of journeys – both mine and potentially yours - every piece is an invitation to write your own chapter of exploration.

The Story Behind the Collection

Sometimes, life requires a leap of faith - a bold step beyond the confines we've constructed around us. That's the heartbeat of the Beyond Borders Collection, which resonates deeply with my own story. Born in the Southern charm of tradition yet blossoming in the lush expanses of Washington state, my passage from a 20-year career to a silversmithing journey has been anything but conventional.

Silversmithing emerged as a meditative escape, a protection from the storm of my past life. It brought me a whirlwind of happiness, something that years of societal-approved success couldn't grant. I found a sanctuary within the walls of my studio, where every emotion was distilled into a sterling silver creation - a magic of sort, turning my raw feelings into beautiful treasures in silver and stone.

In 2021, severing the ties of a well-worn career, my hands and heart fully embraced the life of a full-time silversmith - the creation of Silver Borders was ignited. Every piece I forge is interwoven with this narrative of liberation and self-discovery, worthwhile for every soul seeking meaning beyond their own borders.

Krystal Munday, Silversmith

Silversmith, Krystal Munday

Artist Statement

Silver Borders is not just a name, but a reflection of my values, vision, and purpose. Using only sterling silver, I pour my heart and soul into every intricate detail of my designs, ensuring not only the aesthetic appeal but durability and longevity as well. My handmade creations aim to showcase the natural brilliance and elegance of gemstones, by giving them a border that highlights their inherent beauty. But it's not just about the jewelry. Silver Borders represents breaking free from self-imposed limitations, whether they be emotional, mental, or social. I hope to inspire and empower individuals to embrace their unique qualities and explore the vastness and beauty of the world around them. With my artistry, dedication, and commitment to growth and experimentation, each piece I create is not just a product, but an extension of myself and my vision. I believe that my jewelry has the power to bring joy, creativity, and happiness into people's lives, and I am honored to share my passion with the world through Silver Borders.

Silver Borders has been something I've worked hard to create and nurture. Every week, I invite you to take a glimpse into my thoughts behind the art form and get to know me better. From the tools I use, to the gemstones I pick — Silver Borders exists because of my passion for silversmithing and all that comes with it. Hopefully by sharing my stories, it will help bring Silver Borders closer to you in an even more meaningful way.



Introducing the Create Happiness Collection 

Welcome to a world where joy is not just felt but worn proudly on your sleeve... or around your neck, or dangling from your ears, for that matter! The Create Happiness Collection is a beacon of cheer, a series of sterling jewelry that is as spontaneous as laughter and as delightful as a sudden burst of inspiration.

Each piece in this limited collection is like a shooting star—rare, unexpected, and spectacular—appearing only when my heart is filled with cheerfulness. These are not mere decorations; they are the manifestations of joyful moments, transformed into beautiful adornments.

So, who are these treasures for? They're for you, the dreamers and the joy-seekers. For those who crave a daily sprinkle of cheer and who see happiness as the ultimate work of art. Whether you're here to indulge in self-love or to share the warmth with others, there's a sparkle in this collection tailored just for you.

Imagine carrying a piece of pure happiness with you throughout your day. A subtle nudge reminding you to paint your daily canvas with bright, bold strokes of positivity. That's what the Create Happiness Collection is all about—collectible joy, ready to accompany you on life's journey.

And I don't want this bliss to stay silent! Flaunt your favorite piece and tag it with #CreateHappiness @Silver_Borders. Let’s create a gallery of glee and connect through the shared language of merriment. 📸✨

Keep your eyes peeled and hearts open for the next surprise reveal. May this collection be a charming companion, whispering in your ear to always, always choose happiness. Because who knows when the next bout of creativity will strike?

Stay Tuned for Happiness Drops

Wear joy. Spread joy. Be joy.

Now Available


Featured in.....

As the founder of Silver Borders, I am incredibly proud to have been featured in various articles. These publications highlight my mission to create unique sterling silver jewelry.  My passion for quality and creativity continues to drive me forward, and I am honored to have been recognized for my work in these publications.

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August 8, 2022

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Silversmith Krystal Munday found her passion in hand-making jewelry. 


April 14, 2022

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