The Borealis Collection  

     Release Date:     

   February 8th at 6PM PST   

The Borealis Collection

The Borealis collection is inspired by one of the most spectacular light displays on the planet “Aurora Borealis” also known as the northern lights. Primarily seen in high latitude regions around the Antarctic and Arctic circles, it paints the sky with an elegant wash of purple to green and blue lights.

To start off my first collection of 2021 I have chosen the Labradorite gemstone. The beauty of the Labradorite is undeniable,  it catches light and reflects a variety of colors. Each stone contains an entire night sky all on its own.


I have been accumulating these beautiful gemstones for such a long time. Not only am I infatuated with the brilliant luster and glistening nature of this stone, but I also love the legend and history behind it.

The legend says that the lights of the Aurora Borealis “Northern Lights” were trapped inside rocks along the coast of Labrador in Canada, until one day an Inuit Warrior came and struck the rock with his spear to free them. This released the majestic colors into the sky. Sadly, the warrior couldn’t release all the lights and so some remained imprisoned in the rocks.  The lights that remained were set into stone, and the Labradorite was born.

Someday I will get to experience the real Aurora Borealis but today I will only be able to see it through this collection.

The Borealis Collection