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Welcome to Creative Corner:
Building your own Gemstone Ring

Are you ready to design your DREAM ring? I'm giving you absolute control over every aspect, from the setting, gemstone, ring band and your ring size. You'll be able to customize a gorgeous handcrafted sterling silver gemstone ring with ease! So get that creative energy flowing - let's make some magic happen.

*You can click on any above photo to make larger for viewing

Step 1:

Choose your setting

The First Step: Please choose your gemstone setting.  The pictures to the left are showing you different settings to choose from. There are 7 different options.  Please use navigation arrows to scroll through three different photos. After you have found the setting you prefer please write down Setting and the number you choose. (Ex. Setting #3) Then proceed to step 2. 

Step 2:

Choose your Gemstone

The Second Step: Choose your gemstone.  The pictures to the right have50 different gemstones to select from.  These are the actual gemstones that will be mounted into your setting.  After you have found your perfect pairing please write down the number and gemstone name (Ex. #2 Rainbow Fluorite). Then proceed to step 3. 

*You can click on any above photo to make larger for viewing

Step 3:

Choose your Ring Band

The Third Step: Choose your ring band.  The pictures to the left have 16 different ring bands to choose from.  Please scroll though each picture and find that perfect ring band to complete your ring.  Please write down Ring Band and the number of the band you want. (Ex. Ring Band #1)  Then proceed to step four.

*You can click on any above photo to make larger for viewing

Step 4:

Choose your Size

The Fourth Step: Choose your ring size.  If you know this please write it down.  If you do not know then write "Don't Know"  I will  then mail out a ring sizer for you to measure your finger.  After you send me your ring size I will get started on your ring.  I would rather double check your size if you are not 100% sure because when you receive your ring I want it to fit perfectly.

Disposable Ring Sizer

Ready to get that stunning custom ring? Then take a look at your sheet of paper with the numbers and click on our product order form. Don't miss this chance for an exquisite bling experience!

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