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Zoisite Ring

Zoisite Ring

SKU: GR130

Item Description


Zoisite Gemstone (Rose Cut)

.925 Sterling Silver

Ring Size 5.5

Setting measures 13mm Long by 12mm Wide

Stamped with Makers Mark for Authenticity

Handmade in Personal Studio


Zoisite is a striking gemstone that has been coveted by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike for centuries. This mineral comes in a variety of colors, from light green to blue, brown, pink, and even black. Its unique composition contains aluminum, calcium, and silicon, giving the stone a beautiful crystalline structure. Besides its beauty, zoisite is also known for its healing properties, as it is believed to aid in emotional stability and stress relief. Furthermore, this precious gemstone is found in several parts of the world, including Tanzania, Pakistan, and Austria. Zoisite is an exquisite gemstone that holds both aesthetic and spiritual value, making it a prized possession for many.

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