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Yungai Turquoise Ring - GR217

Yungai Turquoise Ring - GR217

SKU: GR217

Item Description

Yungai Turquoise Gemstone
Ring Size 10  (Not Adjustable)
.925 Sterling Silver 
Setting Measures 17" L x 15mm" W
Stamped with makers mark for authenticity

Double Half-Round Split Shank Band

Band is 7mm wide


The Yungai Turquoise is a precious gemstone that is highly sought after. This sacred gemstone is renowned for its exquisite beauty and natural iridescent shine. The turquoise is predominantly found in Tibet and is considered as a revered stone in Tibetan culture. The Yungai Turquoise gemstone is a crystal of protection, crystal of enlightenment, and crystal of communication. It is also regarded as a talisman for good fortune and success. The gemstone is believed to have healing properties that help reduce anxiety, depression, and respiratory problems. It is a gemstone that has brought joy and happiness to many and we are truly thankful for its presence in our lives.

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