Yonder Glow

Yonder Glow

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Yonder Glow

The Northern Lights painted the sky with stories we hadn't heard of yet. We leaned back letting the colors wash over us and paint new dreams for us to follow.
~Robyn Petrik

The Yonder Glow Pendant will be available on 2/8/21 @ 6 PM PST when the Borealis Collection is released. 

Item Details

Price $130.00
.925 Sterling Silver
Top Labradorite - 18.25mm x 14mm
Bottom Labradorite - 27.8mm x 12.53mm
Pendant - 68.03mm long/18.67mm wide
22” Flat Patterned Oval Cable Silver Chain
Handmade in personal studio
Maker Mark attached to necklace
Brush Patina Finish