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Yellow Coin Pearl - Sunburst Dangles

Yellow Coin Pearl - Sunburst Dangles


Item Description


.925 Sterling Silver
Yellow Fresh Water Coin Pearl  (Heat Treated)  (14mm Round)
Hand-cut/Textured Dangle
Earrings hang at 2.5" long and 1.5" wide
1.5" wide x .1" long - Halfmoon shape
Antique Patina Finish
One Earring weight - 10 grams
Handmade in personal Studio
Stamped with makers mark for authenticity


Fresh water coin pearls are one of the most unique and exquisite pearls that exist in the market today. These pearls are typically around 12mm in size and have a flattened, circular shape that resembles that of a coin. What sets them apart is their stunning luster and iridescent surface that is unlike any other pearl. Freshwater coin pearls typically have a milky white color and can also come in hues of pink, lavender, and even black. Coin pearls have the unique property of reflecting light in such a way that they create a beautiful glow, a property that is often referred to as orient or shimmer. These pearls are produced by freshwater mussels, and each pearl is entirely unique due to the natural properties of the animal. Unlike other pearls, freshwater coin pearls do not possess a nucleus, which is why they have a unique flat shape. These pearls are also incredibly durable and can last for generations as long as proper care is taken.

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