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Pink Opal - Sunburst Mini Dangles

Pink Opal - Sunburst Mini Dangles


Item Description


.925 Sterling Silver

Pink Opal Gemstones (10mm Round)
Hand-cut/Textured Dangle
Earrings hang at 2" long and 1.25" wide
1" wide x .5" long - Halfmoon shape
Antique Patina Finish
Handmade in personal Studio
Stamped with makers mark for authenticity


Pink opal is a stunning gemstone that has a range of unique properties. It is widely recognized for its mesmerizing pink hues, which often display a translucent quality. This exquisite gemstone boasts a complex chemical composition, consisting of hydrated silica and traces of iron, magnesium, and calcium. It is usually found in South America, particularly in Peru, but has also been discovered in other parts of the world.


Notably, pink opal is associated with a range of metaphysical properties that many people find beneficial for their spiritual and emotional well-being. Those who believe in the transformative power of crystal healing often turn to pink opal for its ability to help relieve emotional stress and anxiety. It is also believed to promote healing and recovery from physical ailments, especially those associated with the heart and lungs.


Pink opal is a versatile gemstone that offers a stunning combination of beauty and metaphysical properties. Its delicate pink hues and intricate chemical composition make it a true wonder of nature. Whether you are drawn to its aesthetic qualities or its spiritual benefits, pink opal is a gemstone that is sure to capture the imagination and inspire awe.

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