Pietersite Ring (Size: 5) - GN

Pietersite Ring (Size: 5) - GN

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This is a Pietersite gemstone. In this gemstone you can see the different color hues that gives this piece a certain mystique. It is awesome shape and set in simple yet elegant sterling silver bezel. The ring measures at a size 5. Each piece I create is made from start to finish with a creative and artistic soul in mind.


Please understand that handcrafted jewelry is just that, handcrafted. It is not perfect, slight variations are what gives handcrafted jewelry its unique character.

  • Gemstone Enlightenment

    Pietersite was discovered in Africa in 1962 by Sid Pieters. It is a stone with swirling blue, gold, or red colour bands naturally cemented with quartz. Pietersite was revealed by Sid Pieter’s during 1962 while he was looking farm land in Namibia, Africa. After his finding, he registered his findings in the mineral records of Britain. In fact, his entire discovery wasn’t published since 1964. The material was to be known as “Pietersite”. There has been some uncertainty on this stone as it is often referred the “Tempest Stone”, “Eagle’s Eye”, and said to really a combination of gold tiger’s eye and blue quartz, which has exist in the earth.

    Pietersite gemstones form in the structure of masses, which is the result of enclosure in jasper. In addition to, these stones used to display an active quality similar to the quartz. It also have been believed to enclose the “keys to the kingdom of heaven,” dispersing illusion and helping anyone in the gratitude for the exquisiteness of the soul. Pietersite is usually used by spiritual healers in as source of their energy.