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Peanut Wood Statement Necklace

Peanut Wood Statement Necklace

SKU: GP209

Item Description


Five Peanut Wood Gemstone - Petrified Wood

.925 Sterling Silver

18" ROLO Chain (Adj 16")

Marquis Setting measures 2.5"L x 1" W

Entire Setting measures 6" L 

Trees stamped on back

Makers Mark for Authenticity

Handmade in Personal Studio


Peanut wood is a rare and captivating gemstone that is believed to be over 120 million years old. This distinctive stone takes its name from the unique dark brown and beige swirl, reminiscent of a peanut shell. The captivating patterns are the result of ancient fossilization where the wood of long-extinct conifer trees was replaced and preserved by jasper or chalcedony, giving peanut wood an extraordinary appearance that is beyond comparison. Besides its distinctive appearance, this stone is believed to hold significant healing properties. It is believed that wearing a peanut wood gemstone helps one to develop a deeper appreciation for the simple things in life while boosting one's inner strength and stability. This gemstone is also a symbol of longevity, bringing with it the ability to connect with nature and manifest overall wellbeing in one's life. All in all, peanut wood is a fascinating and distinctive gemstone that will add a touch of intrigue and magic to any gemstone collection.

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