Oregon Sunstone Ring (Size: 10.5)

Oregon Sunstone Ring (Size: 10.5)

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I admire this Oregon sunstone as the colors are so varied and rich. This pear shaped stone is set in a sterling silver bezel. The band has a hand-carved tree in the side and has been oxidized to give it that rustic look. The band measures 10.5.  This is truly a statement ring and I really enjoyed making this one!


  • Gemstone Enlightenment

    The most famous sunstone deposits in the United States are located in Oregon. A few of the sunstone deposits in Oregon are large enough to sustain mining operations. They are found in certain basalt flows in Lake County and Harney County. There the sunstone occurs as phenocrysts within the basalt. Some sunstone is produced from the weathered zone above the basalt flows, and some is produced from the basalt.

    The inclusions in sunstone are usually tiny plates of copper, hematite, or goethite. They are usually aligned parallel to one of the crystallographic planes within the stone. [1] The inclusions in sunstone can be so small that they are not visible to the unaided eye, or they can be large enough to be clearly visible. The inclusions are extremely thin. Even though they might be large enough to be clearly seen face-on, they are often too thin to be visible when viewed from the side.

    Sunstone cabochons with a small number of inclusions produce a weak aventurescent flash. Those with a greater number produce a stronger flash. Some stones have inclusions that are so small that they can't be seen with the unaided eye, but if they are abundant, the color of the inclusions and the reflections from them can impart a distinct color to the gem.