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Ocean Jasper Pendant

Ocean Jasper Pendant

SKU: GP214

Item Description


Ocean Jasper Gemstone

.925 Sterling Silver

18"Chain (Adj 16")

Trees  stamped on back

Makers mark for Authenticity

Pendant Entire Length measures 2" L x 1.5" W

Handmade in personal studio


The ocean jasper gemstone is a true marvel of nature, boasting one-of-a-kind attributes that make it an essential addition to any jewelry collection. This mineral is sourced from the coast of Madagascar and is prized for its striking swirls of color, which come in a range of hues from earthy greens and blues to pops of vibrant reds and yellows. Not only is the ocean jasper aesthetically stunning, but it also has an array of healing properties. Known as a stone of renewal, the ocean jasper is said to provide mental clarity and emotional balance to its wearer. Additionally, it is believed to promote physical healing and encourage feelings of joy and optimism. When worn close to the skin, the ocean jasper gemstone can help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety, providing a sense of calm and tranquility. Overall, the ocean jasper is truly a gemstone that combines beauty and wellness into one magnificent package.

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