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Mohave Turquoise Dangles - GE97

Mohave Turquoise Dangles - GE97


Item Description


Mohave Gemstone

.925 Sterling Silver

Dangles hang at 3" Long

Maker’s Mark for Authenticity


Mohave gemstones are a unique and beautiful type of gemstone that are highly sought after for their distinctiveness. These gemstones are made from two types of stones that are bonded together in a unique process that produces what many consider to be one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. This bonding process produces a gemstone that has the color and beauty of both stones, while also being incredibly durable and long-lasting. Mohave gemstones are known for their vivid colors, including deep blues, greens, and reds. They are also prized for their clarity and transparency, allowing light to pass through the stone and create a sparkling effect that catches the eye. Additionally, Mohave gemstones are highly regarded for their ability to be polished to a very high shine, making them perfect for use in jewelry and other decorative applications. Overall, Mohave gemstones are a stunning and unique type of gemstone that have a rich history and are highly valued by collectors and gem enthusiasts alike.

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