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Mexican Fire Opal Necklace

Mexican Fire Opal Necklace

SKU: GP216

Item Description


Mexican Fire Opal Gemstone

20" Sterling Silver Chain

Gemstone setting measures  .75" L x .50" W

Circle patterened stamped on back

.925 Sterling Silver

Makers Mark for Authenticity

Handmade in personal studio


Mexican Fire Opal is one of the most vibrantly colored and stunningly beautiful gemstones that our planet has to offer. Named after the country where it is mainly found, this gemstone is hailed for its unique properties. These opals are known for their fire-like play of colors and are believed to have healing powers. The natural blend of colors that these opals possess includes yellow, orange, and red, reminiscent of a scorching Mexican sunset. They usually occur as nodules, sometimes a few centimeters in diameter and yield precious stones that are transparent to translucent. Mexican Fire Opal also has metaphysical properties that are said to impart energy and boost creativity. This gemstone is a symbol of passion and is believed to have the ability to enkindle the flames of love. It's no wonder that this stone has captivated the imaginations of so many throughout the centuries, with its timeless beauty and rich, radiant glow. It is truly a gemstone of surpassing splendor and undeniable allure.

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