Lavender Agate Ring (Size: 7.5)

Lavender Agate Ring (Size: 7.5)

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This Lavender Agate Sterling Silver Ring is a spectacular ring that would look fabulous on anyone. The ring is made with a Lavender Agate cabochon set in .925 Sterling silver with a smooth band. The ring measures at a size 7.5. Each piece I create is made from start to finish with a creative and artistic soul in mind!!


Please understand that handcrafted jewelry is just that, handcrafted. It is not perfect, slight variations are what gives handcrafted jewelry its unique character.

  • Gemstone Enlightenment

    Purple Agate is a stone composed of microscopic quartz crystals that have positioned themselves in beautiful layers of white and purple. Some indigenous cultures believe that their physical properties are due to the fact that they are really pieces of souls of the gods that have been sent to earth to help us.

    It is believed that these concentric layers have the ability to bring to light the hidden truth and everything that is in the shadows and that does not allow us to move forward. The color that purple agate gives us makes this stone be seen as one of the most multifaceted minerals in the world. What gives it great popularity not only in the world of jewelry but in the world of crystal therapy and natural magic.