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Giraffe Turquoise Ring - GR221

Giraffe Turquoise Ring - GR221

SKU: GR221

Item Description


Giraffe Turquoise Gemstone

Ring Size 6.5

Setting Measures 11mm Long x 15mm Wide

Double Half Round Split Band

Band is 14mm wide at widest point

Stamped with Makers Mark for Authenticity


Giraffe turquoise is a strikingly unique and exotic gemstone that is highly sought after by jewelry aficionados around the world. This breathtaking stone is renowned for its vivid greenish-blue color that is reminiscent of the gorgeous hues found on the neck of a majestic giraffe. The stunning color of giraffe turquoise is said to be a result of its high copper content and the unique geological conditions in which it is formed. This rare gemstone is found primarily in Arizona and New Mexico in the United States, and it is highly valued for its exquisite beauty, durability, and rarity. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color and intrigue to your jewelry collection or simply want to marvel at the natural wonders of our world, giraffe turquoise is a stunning choice that is sure to inspire awe and admiration.


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