Enchanting Mystery Bracelet

Enchanting Mystery Bracelet

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Enchanting Mystery

I wish to see the northern lights
and bask within its glow
for surely, ‘neath such colors bright
my heart of gray
shall never break.

Oh, I wish to see the northern lights
and lie upon the snow
and there, become a memory—
to close my eyes
and never wake.

~ Bea Miralles

The Enchanting Mystery Bracelet will be available on 2/8/21 @ 6 PM PST when the Borealis Collection is released. 
Item Details 

Price $150.00 each
.925 Sterling Silver
Labradorite - 22.97mm L/W
Setting - 23.32mm L/34.95mm W
Bracelet measures 8.5 inches long
Adjustable to 7.5 inches long
Total bracelet width is 24.87
Handmade in personal studio
Maker Mark Stamp for Authenticity
Brush Patina Finish