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Charoite - Light of Nature Sunburst Mini Dangles

Charoite - Light of Nature Sunburst Mini Dangles


Item Description


.925 Sterling Silver
Two Charoite Gemstones (12mm Round)
Hand-cut/Textured Dangle
Earrings hang at 2" long and 1" wide
1" wide x .50" long - Halfmoon shape
Antique Patina Finish
One Earring weight - 5 grams
Handmade in personal Studio
Stamped with makers mark for authenticity


Charoite is a rare and beautiful gemstone found only in the remote and rugged terrain of Siberia. Charoite is a purple to violet mineral that is characterized by its rich, deep color and stunning patterns of swirling, interlocking waves. This gemstone is composed of complex minerals, including potassium, sodium, calcium, silicon, and oxygen, which give it a unique and intricate crystalline structure. Due to its high density and resistance to scratching, charoite is an extremely durable and long-lasting gemstone. Charoite is believed to have spiritual and healing properties, promoting confidence, creativity, and self-awareness. Its stunning beauty and powerful energies have made charoite a popular choice for use in jewelry and other decorative items. Whether you are looking for a unique and eye-catching gemstone for jewelry or seeking to harness the mystical powers of this remarkable mineral, charoite is a gemstone that is sure to impress.

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