Aura of Mystery

Aura of Mystery

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The Aura of Mystery

When the magnificent labradorite and the crescent moons come together the level of magic is simply phenomenal. The labradorite is framed by two crescent moons forming the symbol of the triple goddess. This trinity represents feminine energy in all of its mystery and wisdom.


The Aura of Mystery Pendant will be available on 2/8/21 @ 6 PM PST when the Borealis Collection is released. 


Item Details


Price $130.00

.925 Sterling Silver

Labradorite Gemstone - 30.90mm x 15.43mm

Pendant - 53.76mm long/33.79mm wide

20” Beveled Oval Sterling Silver Chain

Handmade in personal studio

Maker Mark attached to necklace

Brush Patina Finish