Aura of Energy

Aura of Energy

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Aura of Energy

I like to believe that the Aurora Borealis is magic. That all the magic that used to exist
in the world was simply dispursed
to the coldest regions of the Earth, to be frozen, and released when we are ready to
believe again and every night, some of it escapes  and dances with the Earth. Lost lovers mingling in the sky.
~ A. R. Ilyas

The Aura of Energy Pendant will be available on 2/8/21 @ 6 PM PST when the Borealis Collection is releasEd.

Item Details 

Price $80.00
.925 Sterling Silver
Labradorite - 24.29mm
Pendant - 35.16mm L/30.36mm W
20” Rectangle Box Chain
Handmade in personal studio
Maker Mark Stamp for Authenticity
Brush Patina Finish